Annual Performance Report (APR) Local Evaluation Reporting Information

Each CaMSP partnership completes an Annual Performance Report (APR) by October 15 using the online MSP system. This report is reviewed and approved by the project’s CDE STEM Office Project Monitor for submission to the US Department of Education.

Sections VII, VIII and IX of the APR are the sections in which information from each CaMSP local evaluation is reported.

In addition to programmatic information and details regarding partners and participants, the APR Section VIII requires that each partnership report on changes in Teacher Content knowledge based on a pre- and post- assessment (GPRA #1) and proficiency levels on state-level assessments of students of participating teachers (GPRA #2).

Each project must also attach a local evaluation report meeting MSP guidelines that includes reporting on data collected through the local evaluation plan and analysis of the teacher content and student assessment data.

As the project’s local evaluator, Public Works completes the sections of the APR related to local evaluation and prepares the local evaluation report for the project’s review and approval prior to attachment to the APR.

The following information has been prepared to support projects in the completion of the APR and provides direction regarding the components completed by Public Works as the project’s local evaluator.

The CDE STEM Office provides additional guidance to projects regarding their review and approval process for the APR. Please contact your CDE STEM Office Project Monitor regarding program, budget or state Year to Date (YTD) reporting requirements.

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