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We specialize in educational, public and non-profit agency support. We tailor our services to meet each client’s needs by providing evaluation services, technical assistance, instructional design and training, strategic planning, and support in meeting legislative or grant-funding reporting requirements.

Public Education and School Reform
School reform initiatives with an emphasis on helping schools and school districts move toward data-driven accountability in the areas of: curriculum and instruction, assessment practices, academic intervention, professional development, school management and leadership, and parent and community involvement.

School-to-Career and Workforce Development
School-to-career, career technical education and workforce development initiatives where youth and adults transition to postsecondary education, job training and careers.

Intervention Programs and Support
Providing targeted interventions in areas as varied as early childhood education, after-school programs, foster care, juvenile delinquency, mental health and other social support services.

We conduct third-party, participatory and public engagement evaluations. Our methodological expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods includes:

  • Site visit and case study research
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Small and large-scale surveys
  • Structured classroom observations
  • Analysis of outcomes ranging from descriptive statistics to complex statistical modeling related to student academic achievement and school performance
  • Transcript analysis examining patterns in course-taking and credit accumulation
  • Design and use of rubrics and formative assessments for evaluating student performance
  • Technical assistance in the design and monitoring of student assessment data and social service case management


We are a non-profit organization with extensive evaluation experience working with schools, government and non-profit agencies to improve programs.

We possess a wide range of knowledge in the areas of school reform, workforce development and intervention programs and support.

We have extensive experience designing strategies for diverse populations, including economically disadvantaged, English Learners (EL) and students with disabilities.

We do not have a preconceived notion about what clients need. We help them discover their goals and objectives and assist them via a tailored approach to evaluation.

We conduct evaluations that incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data. Our assessments of program outcomes include attention to the “why” embedded in program processes and procedures. Similarly, the story we tell about a program’s accomplishments and challenges is backed up measurable data.




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