LWCS does not provide home-to-school or school-to-home transportation services. LWCS students, with the support of their parent(s)/guardian are expected to be responsible for their own transportation to appointments and other educational activities.

Enrolled students in the Pasadena/Altadena area will have access to van services to and from school. Only LWCS students are allowed on the van. The van has a set schedule and route. We are not required to have a van service—it’s a courtesy. Students must observe the following rules to use the van services:

  • Do not leave any trash or personal items inside the vehicle.
  • No loud music or yelling while vehicle is in motion.
  • Follow the rules and requests of the van driver at all times.
  • The driver will only make stops at school and designated van stops only (please see Van Route Map for times and locations).

PPT students residing in the Pasadena, Altadena & Sierra Madre area, who are in their last trimester of pregnancy or have a baby one year or younger are eligible for two free round trip taxi rides per week to LWCS (home to school; school to home). Girls must be traveling with their child(ren) and have a car seat(s). Three (3) hours of Learning Works seat time is the minimum for taxi use. Please allow a 15-minute window for the taxi to arrive for pick-up. No additional guests are allowed. No exceptions!

PPT students that wish to bring their child(ren) may do so. The child care center is open during school hours. Students that bring their child(ren) to school MAY NOT leave campus without their child(ren) for any reason! Violators of this policy will not be allowed to use the service.

Students that complete five (5) modules in a learning period will receive a free tap card for the next month. You may not collect more than one bus pass per month. See your chaser for details.

For more information on transportation, please feel free to contact counselor Sean Van Gundy at (626) 564-2871.

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