Pregnant and Parenting Teens (PPT) Program

According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Adolescent Health, in 2011, there were 38,729 births to mothers 19 or under. Thirty-two percent of those pregnancies were to children 17 or under.

As anyone with children knows, having a child is a life-changing, all-encompassing experience. All the more so if the mother lives in poverty and is trying to finish high school. Childcare, transportation, dealing with the father, family obligations and other fundamental issues take the fore, and often school gets left behind.

Learning Works does its best to remove many of the obstacles to teen mothers earning their high school diplomas. PPTs participate in all of the main campus curriculum requirements, have dedicated teachers and chasers, and student activities with additional support for their child(ren) and their unique role as a teen parent. PPT are provided with on-site child support as well as taxi transportation in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first year of the child’s birth.

With our community partners, LW offers a wide range of support for mothers and their children, especially on school-wide HEALTH Tuesday.

Pasadena Public Health Department
A weekly clinic for PPT students with infants ages 0-1 providing health screening, monitoring mothers’ and newborns’ well-being, and identifying any early developmental/health concerns. Clinic refers PPTs/infants to medical and nutritional resources and teaches healthy infant development and maternal health.

  • Clinic: Tuesdays 1-5

PCC Parent Education
A weekly Baby and Me class for parents and their infants (ages 0-1.) Parents and infants learn about communication, infant development, benefits of playtime together and how to build a healthy relationship. This is a hands-on baby and parent experience.

  • Classes: Tuesdays 11:30-1

Learning Works
Provides health classes to our student populations related to nutrition, sex education, the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, and stress management as well as a health class specifically designed for PPT students.

  • Health Class: Tuesdays 3-4
  • PPT Health Class: Tuesdays 1-2

Mother’s Club
Teen mothers and children attend class at Mother’s Club. The class covers a range of topics including; bonding/communicating with baby, family violence, stress management, and healthy friendships.  Mother’s club also provides a Father/Men’s Group as a peer support group for our young male students at LW. Topics include; reproductive health, drug and alcohol prevention, and decision making/problem solving.

  • Mother’s Club: Thursdays 1:30-3 (at Mother’s Club)
  • Father’s Club:  Thursdays 12-1 (at Learning Works)

Other Partners:

Pasadena Mental Health Center
Places graduate interns at our site one day a week to provide counseling and case management.

Young and Healthy
Assists uninsured students in accessing free medical care through physicians donating services

Crescenta Valley United Methodist Church, Grandmas-To-Go
Provides annual holiday party, needed baby supplies and delivers gifts for girls on various holidays.

Pasadena Community Foundation
Renovated the child support center in the PPT area of  the facility.

Learning Works
In addition, LW provides postsecondary and career resources through our school counselor and other partners.

Pasadena Child Health Foundation
Supports the PPT program through a one-year grant to provide wraparound health and support services to our youg parents and their infants aged 0-1.


PPT Summer Camp


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