What are Chasers? They literally chase our students to the school to complete their work. They are one of the things that make Learning Works unique and one of the keys to our success.

All Learning Works students are at the school because they’ve made the decision that they want to get their diploma. But that doesn’t mean that on any given day they wouldn’t rather sleep in, hang out with their friends or do any of the other things that they did when they were dropouts. They often need a nudge, some encouragement or a voice in their ear telling them to focus.

Chasers perform those jobs and more, literally chasing our students to the school to complete their work. Chasing includes coaching, mentoring and tutoring. They have come from the same background and neighborhoods as the students themselves. Most were dropouts themselves, got in trouble with the law and/or had children, and they persevered to get their diploma. They know what our students face and work through youth in the neighborhoods with one goal in mind—graduation. Chasers are on call 24 hours of the day, transporting students to services such as Planned Parenthood, probation appointments, health services and whatever else they need to achieve the goal of a high school diploma. Chasers find dropouts and continue to engage and re-engage them in school.

Chasers, by Susan Hoskins

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