Our Principles

Fresh Start
We believe all persons deserve fresh starts free of judgment and labels.

Forgiveness and Unconditional Love
We believe all persons make mistakes and it is our goal to always practice forgiveness and unconditional love. We start every single day fresh with new chances.

Safe Haven
We believe our school is a safe zone regardless of age, race, gender and any other affiliations and labels persons have in the community. We are all equal, respectful and tolerant at school.

Reality and Potential
We focus on what is not what ought to be and always guide persons to their fullest potential. We bridge the gap between now and the future. Everybody has potential—reaching it is about good habits and commitment.

Desire to Give Back and Be Heard
We believe all persons want to be heard and understood, and give back to their family and community. We provide and encourage these opportunities.

We believe honesty is the best policy. We strive to live transparent lives.

Joy & Fun
We believe in hard work and fun. Finding joy and passion is the key to happiness. Laughter helps us survive the suffering.

Irrational Commitment to Students
We are irrationally committed to each others’ well being. We need a community of support to succeed. We will not give up on people.


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