Learning Labs

We believe in the original concept of charter schools as laboratories of innovation. The Learning Works mission is to both to learn about how to work with dropouts, our target population, but also to collect and analyze data about the approaches we try. We disseminate this information to the broader community including practitioners interested in trying new ways to educate students challenged by poverty and the many issues that result from it. We try new things, we evaluate and improve and we want others to know what we have learned. We are a learning laboratory and are committed to disseminating our approaches to others.


Learning Lab #1: The Learning Works Chasing Model

Learning Lab #2: The Learning Works Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program

Learning Lab #3: Homeboy Industries and Learning Works: A Strategic, Loving Partnership

Learning Lab #4: A New Approach to Serving Youth on Probation

Learning Lab #5: Community School—A Partnership Approach


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