Staff Directory

To contact our Learning Works Charter School staff, feel free to email us at the following email addresses:

CEO and Founder
Dr. Mikala Rahn

Director of Accountability
Sylvia Ginyard

Director of Student Services
Lisa Kersting, LCSW

Mr. Andrew Hall
Ms. Victoria Moran
Mr. Jan Carlos Pedroza
Ms. Helen Pontarelli
Ms. Ruth Richardson
Ms. Melva Watts

Michelle Bravo
Rafael Figueroa
Roberto Guerra
Jose Ramirez
Jose Velasquez

Paul Gebhart
Nick Plati

Administrative Assistants
Lisa Colón
Rosendo Castillo
Rosario Menjivar

Kenia Sandoval-Rodriguez
Michael Toro

Jennifer Bailey (Office Manager)
Maria Barraza (Childcare)
Sherry Oliver (Facilities)
Toby Oropeza (Greeter)
Carol Palomo (Receptionist)
Kurt Rahn (Media & Communications)
Armernee White (Childcare)