How to Enroll at Learning Works Charter School
Learning Works Charter School’s admission policy is to accept students who are seeking a voluntary alternative to traditional, classroom-based education. As such, we actively recruit a diverse student population that fits our target population. Students, who understand, need and value the school’s mission and who are committed to the school’s instructional and educational philosophy will be encouraged to apply.

Admission to LWCS shall be open to any resident of California, without any admission requirements. Students will be considered for admission without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability. The school strives through our recruiting efforts to achieve a racial and ethnic balance of students that reflects the general population within the territorial jurisdiction of the Pasadena Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District at our Homeboy site.

The LWCS registration process is designed to collect pertinent and necessary student information prior to enrollment and ensures the communication of our educational philosophy and of the responsibilities required of students and parents. In addition, students and parents/guardians understand and accept the following in regards to enrollment within LWCS:

  • LWCS will have no admissions testing as a condition of student enrollment.
  • Students will not be enrolled in another public school or private school that charges tuition, while enrolled in LWCS. Dual primary enrollment in more than one high school, other than ROP, community colleges or adult schools is prohibited.
  • Students will take all the state mandated assessment tests and recommended charter school evaluations.

Student Registration
Every student and parent/guardian/caregivers will be asked to complete a registration packet, prior to enrollment. Students 18 and over, can register themselves. The student cannot be enrolled or placed on the wait list, if we do not have a complete LWCS registration packet.

A completed LWCS registration packet consists of the following checklist:

  • An up-to-date copy of the student’s transcript(s) for all school(s) s/he has attended in the past
  • Immunization record, including proof of Tdap vaccine or appropriate waiver
  • Completed Application for Admission:
    • Student Registration Form
    • Record Release (includes probation records, when applicable)
    • Transportation & Medical Consent
    • Medical Treatment form for Child (for parenting students only)
    • Physical Education Participation
    • Health & Reproductive Education Participation
    • Photographic & Video Consent
    • CELDT Score Request Form
    • Caregiver Authorization Affidavit (if applicable)
    • Pasadena Unified’s National School Lunch Form
    • State Confidential Family Survey (for statistical purposes only)
    • ASSETs Development Survey
    • Student Survey
    • Assessment Test

A transcript analysis will be completed on each student at the end of the intake appointment. This will let both the student and parent/guardian know what courses need to be completed to be eligible for graduation. Please expect your visit to take between 1 to 2 hours. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Sylvia Ginyard at (626) 796-9235.

Student/Parent Intake & Orientation
Prior to enrollment, a scheduled Student/Parent orientation meeting and intake appointment with the Registrar is required to ensure understanding and acceptance of LWCS’s educational program, philosophies and responsibilities. No student will be allowed to start without attending an orientation and intake. In this meeting, students and parent(s)/legal guardian(s)/caregiver(s):

  • Acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of LWCS’s academic requirements and behavioral rules of conduct as explained and stated within the student/parent handbook and Voluntary Independent Study Master Agreement contract.
  • Make sure all intake assessments and paperwork are complete.
  • Review transcripts from all previous school(s) of attendance
  • Evaluate the credits remaining that the student needs to be eligible for graduation, through review of an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that includes three trimesters of course work.
  • Receive a student handbook.
  • Review and sign the LWCS Independent Study Master Agreement Form. The LWCS Independent Study Master Agreement is the cornerstone of the educational agreement between the student, parent(s) and the school. This agreement, signed by all parties establishes the rights and responsibilities for all. This agreement must be signed upon initial enrollment and every school trimester, thereafter.
  • Get photo identification.
  • Schedule first teacher/chaser appointment.

The student has still not completed the enrollment process until the student and parent/guardian, if desired have their first teacher/chaser appointment. The meeting consists of:

  • Introductions and expectations including review of trimester schedule and calendar, Principles, and school rules.
  • Develop student schedule to manage time and keep tutoring and small group instruction appointments.
  • Review of prior academic performance strengths/weaknesses and likes/dislikes.
  • Assign student first two modules and expected due date (next teacher appointment).
For a full copy of our student handbook, click here.
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