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The students we serve would inaccurately be called “at-risk” students. They are “in crisis” students who have already demonstrated a behavior or condition that exceeds “at-risk” such as becoming pregnant or entering the juvenile delinquency system or even dropping out of school. Our intent is to increase learning opportunities for underserved, disengaged students by providing students and parents with a public school alternative for a student population without a viable choice today.  We believe all youth in our community need a high school diploma. Our target population includes:

  • In-school and out-of-school dropouts
  • Probation youth who are credit-deficient
  • Students who are expelled from PUSD
  • Pregnant teens/teen mother students
  • Non-passing CAHSEE students who did not graduate
  • Students ages 18-20 who wish to return to school to receive a high school diploma

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