Learning Works Guild

We wanted to come up with an easy, low-impact way for people to help Learning Works Charter School and so in March of 2014, the Learning Works Guild was created. The guild is a group of women in the local community who have committed to helping the students in the easiest way possible. With a simple click you can donate $10-$20 a few times a year, and make all the difference to our students. These funds are desperately needed but not in a school budget.

In 2013-2014 The Guild:

  • Sent a homeless, parentless family of 5 out to eat for Easter, with an Easter basket and goodies for the 5 kids.
  • Provided flowers for Prom
  • Provided a breakfast for all students returning from Grad nite who needed to stay at school and complete work towards graduation.

Please email Lisa Kersting at lmk.home@gmail.com to join.