Digital Storytelling

Students learn to design and produce a one- to three-minute digital story with 200-300 words in the Digital Storytelling class. Students must craft and record a first-person narrative, collect still images, video and music to illustrate a short-form documentary. Youth learn video editing software that will enable them to edit their story.

Digital Storytelling can be your Senior Project (English 12B Module 5) or it can count as visual arts credit.  Mr. Hall will help you with the process and the credits.

Step #1: Must meet with Mr. Hall to write your story/script. The story is three minutes or less.  This may take 3-5 meetings with Mr. Hall At the end of this step, Mr. Hall will begin your storyboarding in order for you to work with Dominick before gathering images.
Step #2: Once your script is approved by Mr. Hall, record your voiceover with Qua’maine during lab at artWORKS.
Step #3: Gather pictures, video etc. Continue to revise storyboarding. Work with Dominick in the lab at artWORKS to digitize.
Step #4: Completion phase with Dominick and music with Qua’maine. Present to staff (ask Mr. Hall to schedule with teachers).

Here are a few videos our students have produced, either for Video Storytelling curriculum or as part of our artWORKS curriculum.



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