Academic Requirements

LWCS Academic Requirements and Policies
LWCS is dedicated to providing its students with a rigorous academic program. We believe that this will best help them prepare for high school graduation and post-secondary, vocational and career opportunities in the future.

Thus, LWCS holds all students accountable to achieving beyond our minimum academic standards. These standards, combined with the flexibility provided within our independent study-based charter school, offer students an excellent, voluntary alternative to traditional education. Students are required to meet and exceed the minimum standards in order to remain enrolled within LWCS.

LWCS independent study is conducted in learning periods, or number of days in an attendance period, not to exceed 20 days. Months and learning periods vary slightly in the number of days included.

When each student and parent(s) signs the Independent Study Master Agreement and Acknowledgement, the student will understand and agree to meet the following standards.


  • In order to keep pace with a 4-year high school graduation pace, student will earn the minimum study requirement of 15 or more academic credits per trimester and 45 academic credits per school year.
  • Students are expected to complete two modules/credits per week. At minimum students are required to complete 5 modules per month to stay on-track. Students who are credit deficient will have the opportunity to complete 8 or more modules/credits per Learning Period.

Minimum Enrollment

  • Students are required to complete 3 modules/credits per learning period or will be in jeopardy of staying enrolled.
  • Students must meet with teacher at minimum once per week.
  • Student assignments and records will be reviewed and graded at the end of each learning period (learning period closeout)
  • No more than 4 weeks or 20 school days may elapse between when an assignment is made by the teacher and the date it is due, unless an exception is made in accordance with district policy. The assignment would be graded or re-assigned in the next learning period
  • Students are expected to successfully complete 100% of minimum enrollment requirements each learning period
  • If student achieves 50% or less of minimum attendance requirement in one learning period, a warning letter will be sent (Non-producer warning process).
  • If student achieves 50% or less of minimum attendance requirement in two learning periods, a second warning letter will be sent by administration and a home visit will occur (Non-producer warning process).
  • If student achieves less than of minimum attendance requirement in three learning periods, the student will be withdrawn/dropped from a teacher’s load (Non-producer warning process). SARB process will begin for students under 18 years through PUSD. All dropped students will be followed for the full school year by paid or unpaid staff in an attempt to re-enroll.
  • Middle school students attend school from 9-2pm every day to complete their modules.
  • Ninth graders entering the high school program will be required to attend from 10-2 daily.

LWCS’s evaluation of students failing to meet minimum academic requirements will be entirely based upon the student’s academic performance, demonstrated track record for fulfilling responsibilities and demonstrated motivation.

When a student does not submit the minimum number of modules for any given learning period, one of three letters will be mailed to student and parent/guardian.

Phase One: Academic Probation. The student has 20 school days to submit 3 modules to be removed from probation.

Phase Two: Intent to Drop. If the student, continues on Academic Probation for two consecutive learning periods, he or she is flagged with an “Intent to Drop” warning. Students that continue to not produce work will be removed from LWCS.

Phase Three: Dropped from Enrollment. Nonproduction for three consecutive learning periods at LWCS will terminate the student’s enrollment at LWCS.

For a full copy of our student handbook, click here.