Current students




Learning Works is a vibrant community of all types of students. Our students are mostly 12th (55%) and 11th (20%) graders with 47% male and 53% female. Our students are 71% Hispanic, 22% African American, 4% white and 3% other.  The majority of our students are on our main campus in Pasadena (469) with some (198) attending at our LW@Homeboy location in Boyle Heights. We also have approximately 21 middle school students in our separate turnaround program.

Our school operates similarly to a college campus.  Students can come and go based on their own schedule and course requirements including science labs, teacher appointments, lectures, tutoring and field trips. Students are scheduled in the courses and requirements they need to reach the diploma.  Every day a field trip chaser-coordinated leaves the main campus to visit museums/events related to science, social studies, careers/postsecondary and the arts.  LW@Homeboy students have separate field trips and lectures, but joins the main campus for science labs and art studio time. Free lunch is served every day at Noon.

The campus is alive with many activities. Daily programs include; Tuesday Health days, Monday and Wednesday Job/College Search days, and Student Council on Monday. Just down the street, artWORKS is open 12-7 Monday-Thursday and offers a wide range of visual and performing arts opportunities. We offer our students the same activities that other schools offer.  At the end of every trimester, the school holds a food event—BBQ or taco truck. Prom is held in May at Noor in Old Town Pasadena. This elegant event includes DJ, food and prom pictures. GRAD Night is held at Magic Mountain every June for graduates. Our beautiful graduation ceremony is held at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia, with students dressed in cap and gown. Our students cannot afford to pay for these activities given that they are struggling to eat each day, pay rent or take care of their own child. We ask for financial help from our community to sponsor our student activities.

Learning Works has a Student Council that meets every Wednesday from 11:30-1:00. Any currently enrolled student is invited. Student Council plans all student activities, including BBQs, Prom, Grad Night and graduation. Student Council participates in special team building events, including the annual ropes course with Outward Bound.