Our Philosophy


Community Works believes that your student’s success is dependent on a strong partnership between family, school, student and the community.  All parts of this partnership are of equal importance.

Remember our rules to live by:

  • Homework is serious business Monday through Thursday (at least).  Up to two hours of homework per night with a clear start time and end time.  Elementary students usually have up to 1 hour of homework per day, middle school students 1-2 hours, and high school students 2-4 hours.
  • The student needs quiet public space for homework time where an adult is involved and monitoring.  Pay your bills, do your own work, but be available!  No phones or television.  We really prefer the dining room table to closed bedroom doors, unless, you too are in the bedroom.
  • An adult needs to check the homework at all grade levels.  You may not get it, but you are looking for completeness and neatness.  Get familiar with what your student is working on.
  • Limit TV, video, telephone and computer time during the week.  Students should be reading, involved in family time, doing puzzles, chores, cooking or involved in extracurricular activities.  Limit mindless activities and zoning-out time Monday-Thursday.
  • Keep in touch with your student’s teachers at least once per month (we prefer every week).  They need to know you and you need to know them.  Check in on student progress!
  • Do not rely on after-school or childcare programs to complete homework.  Unless you hire a professional tutor to come into your home, you are responsible for creating homework time after you get home from work.
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