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We have expertise working with both sides of the equation—schools and families—to create an optimal education system that effectively serves students academically and socially.


Schools need to:

  • Have a common vision of effective instruction with clear, instructional goals tied to standards
  • Hold all students to high expectations; all students should be treated as college-bound
  • Offer a program of study around maximizing academic rigor, curricular relevance and personalized adult-student relationships
  • Improve transitional support from elementary to middle to high school, with a key focus on ensuring 9th grade success
  • Examine and use assessment data regularly to track student progress and improve instruction
  • Provide timely, targeted interventions for struggling students
  • Give educators regular time to collaborate, plan and reflect around effective teaching and learning practices

Families with school-aged children need to:

  • Stay engaged in their child’s school and keep in touch with teachers and counselors
  • Have a solid homework routine (K-12th) where an adult assists every night with completing and checking homework
  • Expose children to educational opportunities outside of school
  • Encourage positive adult role models in their child’s life beyond immediate family
  • Limit TV, phone, computer and video games during the week
  • Listen to children and youth with interest and without judgment to be accepted as coaches

Community Works provides:

  • Tutoring and intervention classes.
  • College and career planning for high school students.
  • Volunteer opportunities in the school garden.
  • Art and music recording classes.
  • Coaching to improve parent engagement in school and student learning.