Community Works

We assist schools in becoming more effective and help families to become more focused on the importance of education at home.


Who We Are

Community Works understands that the education system needs improvement. Schools are no longer designed to support teachers, parents and students to do their best. Community Works coaches the people who work in schools to improve rigor, relevance and relationships when working with students, and helps them target and enhance their efforts to increase student graduation and college-going rates.

Community Works believes that student success is dependent on a strong partnership between family and school. However, being a parent is more complicated and stressful than ever. Children are exposed to a huge pressures, and many parents lack the time or are simply under-equipped to effectively help their children manage. Community Works is a parent’s best ally. It offers services directly to parents and students—like tutoring, after-school classes, intervention and enrichment, as well as strategies for parents to engage with their child’s school.

Community Works provides:

  • Tutoring and intervention classes.
  • College and career planning for high school students.
  • Volunteer opportunities in the school garden.
  • Art and music recording classes.
  • Coaching to improve parent engagement in school and student learning.